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Lana Rainbow

Professional Portrait Photographer


My earliest memories go back to when I was two or three: my dad walking around with a big analogue camera, shooting on black and white film and then developing the photos at night. I was supposed to sleep but curiosity was stronger than the rules. Then came the era of colour films and Fujifilm kiosks where we had to bring the films to be developed and printed. And then the Palaroid instant cameras… I watched in awe as the blank cards turned into colourful photos. This was the time I first learned about the light sensitivity of film and cartridges.

At 18, I moved to a different country and took up photography course in college, inspired by the infinite green Irish landscapes. It was then that I have met a talented person – and a future dearest friend of mine – who introduced me to the world of portrait photography and changed my entire path forward.

Fifteen years later, my camera is still my best friend and each moment becomes magical when captured through the lens. My style of photography has married the portraiture with the beautiful natural locations, which allows me to create a unique story every single time. Timeless art does not only belong in a photo studio with artificial lights. Human beauty and nature are always timeless.

I am based in Athlone and Ballinasloe, but I can also take assignments outside of this area. Contact me for availability.

Photo credit: Agata Muszynska

Let me find

your unique story…

…and tell it in pictures

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Signature Portrait

Creating your own unique story beautifully captured through my lens

Couples Portrait

Celebrating beautiful moments of your love story

Maternity Portrait

Capturing your magical journey of becoming a mother