FF (2010)

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There is no other time more charming than the autumn…

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“I don’t know

The words to tell you how it feels

or how to put it in a rhyme,

but if you come with me you’ll know

How the lamps in the park

look like God in the dark

as they glow

on the streets of Dublin…”

(A Man of No Importance, “The Streets of Dublin”).

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7 thoughts on “FF (2010)

  1. Beautiful pictures…but I always say that! But it’s true…you have a great ability for photography! Pretty lady too. have a super day and keep “shooting!”


      1. You too, Lana! I always love to see the pics you take. Wish I had your “eye.” Talk to ya’ later on…


      2. I’m sure the “nuts and bolts” of the topic are out there, but it still takes an ability to not only grasp it but to do it well. You have that ability, Lana. Your pics are really very well done!

        I will stop in at your place again soon to check for new stuff!

        Have an absolutely enjoyable day!

        Christian 😉

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