Weekends in Cork: Myrtleville Beach (2013)

This is not a proper photo set, but rather just random photographs from the last time we (my hubby, Kwi-Kwi and I) travelled to Cork. It was for St. Patrick’s day that we went, to see the parade with my husband’s sister, who lives in the outskirts of Cork City.Β  Only thanks to our daughter’s fussy nature we missed the whole thing, because instead of going downtown to watch the parade we had to stay at home and put our little one to sleep.

When we finally got to Cork, the parade was over and people started to slowly desert the streets. So I didn’t quite succeed in capturing the mood of the most important holiday in the country (real pity for me!)

I can’t believe I still haven’t got one of these hats after 5 years here!
How does he do it?

That was the question when I saw this man (picture above) hanging in the air. He sat so still, not even wobbling, and posed for everyone who willed to take a picture. At first I was stunned, then impressed and only then I started thinking it over. The only reasonable idea is that there is something going from the stick into his sleeve, attached to a some sort of seat that he is sitting on. But even if it is so, it still must be so damn hard to balance on this thing!


Not related to St. Patrick’s, but I absolutely love the exterior of this church! Managed to capture it through the window of the car.

All in all, the day was good despite us running late for the parade. We walked downtown, did some shopping (I was much surprised to see all the stores open on St. Patrick’s!) and dined in a restaurant.

The next day we went exploring the coasts of co. Cork. I had two beaches to check out, because I just love beaches. Can’t explain it, but there’s something about the mood that I get being surrounded by sands and water… It brings me peace and serenity, and it is also inspiring (I like to write some stories from time to time). The first beach we tried turned out to be not a beach at all, but rather small area of sand next to the sea. Fountainstown is its name. We looked at it, smirked and turned around. The Coastal Road lead us to the second destination, Myrtleville, a small seaside village with a beach, which is said to be popular there. Looking at the satellite map I just had to see it myself. It looked like a mix of sand and rocks, quite appealing to me.

The road was a pure scenery, too bad I do not have pictures. It lays just at the top of a cliff with fantastic views below, where waves crash at the rocks. And the houses around are so beautiful and big! I wish I had a holiday home there. Doesn’t matter that Ireland is not Spain or Italy, it is just so cool there! In the hot weather like today you just can’t not be wishing to chill there on a sunny terrace with some breeze coming from the sea. Maybe this is exactly why I remembered that weekend and decided to share some pictures of Myrtleville Beach.

The beach itself turned out to be really small, but nice, with a strong character. There was a lot more rocks than I expected, but it really added to the mood I was searching for. My sister-in-law and I took a long walk around to explore every corner of the rocks, but didn’t go near the water as the day was cold. We both agreed that the beach was beautiful and both wished to come back there again on a summer day. Hope this day will come soon, because I want to go there not just to relax listening to the waves, but I also want to have a photo shoot there, only I don’t know yet whether it will be a photo shoot for myself or will I once again stay behind the camera… πŸ™‚

11 (6)
Please note that I am not a landscape photographer, I don’t even have a proper lens for it, I shoot everything with my portrait lenses, hence the narrow point of view in the pictures.

11 (1) 11 (2) 11 (3)

11 (4)
I am so in love with this view! Someday this is going to be the best photo shoot location I have ever shot at πŸ™‚
11 (5)
There is nothing more peaceful to watch than a boat gliding over the blues of the sea…

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