Dear Luna |2016

Dear Luna,

I don’t know where to start.

I’ll start by saying that we are very happy to have known you. You were almost out of your kitten stage when we got you, and our road together was a bumpy ride. As much as we loved each other from the very first sight, we have gone through bouts of hate and fight. You fought me for the reasons God only knows, while I hated you for that. But it’s all behind us now. You may not have been the most obedient cat that I have known, at times it seemed that you’ve done nothing right, but you have been the most extraordinary cat that I have known, and actually the most complacent.

You were the cat who loved to sleep in the basket for recycling. We called you the Trash Cat.

You were the cat who purred at the first sound of your name or at our every littlest touch.

You were the cat that slept with me in my bed every morning when I was expecting and needed my morning naps.

You were the cat that warmed my heart, and I will never forget you. A year with you was not enough, but sadly, you are now just a memory.


4 thoughts on “Dear Luna |2016

    1. Thank you.
      We actually don’t even know what happened to her. She went out the day before Christmas and never came back. We had a storm that night and I just hope that somebody took her and she is safe.

  1. awww she is so cute I hope she is fine wherever she is, you also want same isn’t lets pray for her🙌🌸

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